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‘Gloriously surreal… mind-bending juxtapositions and wordplay challenging your preconceptions – not so much making you think outside the box, as turning the box into a triangle.’The Scotsman

We, Object premiered at the Roundhouse in 2012. It was developed with help from Arts Council England, The Roundhouse, The Cambridge Junction, The Basement and The New Wolsey. It was winner of the Roundhouse Show Slam competetion. 

‘…utterly, brilliantly bonkers, revelling in a colourful whirlwind of chaos and proudly celebrating the joy of sheer silliness. Figs in Wigs are bloody funny.



We, Object is an absurdist amalgamation of visual puns, word play and amateur dancing that deals with objects and objectification. The show was born out of a frustration with the casual sexism that we, as women, face almost daily, paired with a fascination with the powerful performative potential of language.  More specifically, the humble pun. 


We think there is a relation between women and puns; both are often accused of not being funny, or at least not the right kind of funny.  

In We, Object, we use puns to explore something bigger, namely issues of gender, sexual identity and also the assumptions, expectations and discriminations that are placed upon us, often unconsciously.


Taking the form of a bizarre sketch show, five women take you on a strange journey that explores sexual politics in a fresh, absurd and lighthearted way. It begins with a slide show and ends with a dance routine. The  middle is somewhat embarrassing and a plethora of miniature props begin to complicate the bigger picture. As the show progresses it becomes increasingly unclear as to who (or  what) is (or isn’t) being objectified. Figs in Wigs are five women placing themselves in the spotlight, using comedy to highlight  something so frequently laughed off.  


This is not a show about small things.    

Treading the fine line between beige and gold.
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