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You're so vain, you probably think this show is about you. But it's actually about Figs in Wigs - the lowbrow answer to avant-garde.


Show Off delves deep into our digital existence, examining how social media has bred a new form of narcissism. Masquerading as a variety show this desperately glitzy number continually reinvents itself to satisfy even the most depleted of attention spans. 


This is a performance of (lack of) skill, and explores ideas of value, taste and trash. Figs in Wigs are introduced and re-introduced as dancers, stand up comedians, a circus troupe, visual artists and musicians. We’re always searching (usually in a tool bar) for the next big thing.  Where the variety show audience asks for continual entertainment and stimulation, so too does the internet user of today. The multiplicity of genres also comments on the modern generations need to reinvent themselves, both in real life and online.

By the end the stage is left a chaotic mess, littered with remnants from each act, leaving the audience to question whether these jacks of all trades are masters of anything.



‘Figs in Wigs prove that silly and whiplash smart go hand in hand.  Terrific fun.’

Lyn Gardner

Something somebody once said about a show we did once was ‘something about the show feels a little shallow’. Someone else told us that ‘if you want to get deep you have to get shallow.’

Show Off premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014 at the Pleasance Courtyard. It was developed with the help of Escalator East to Edinburgh, Arts Council England, The Cambridge Junction, The New Wolsey, The Malbourough Theatre, Metal Southend and all you amazing people who donated to our kickstarter. 


Show Off was nominated for a Total Theatre Award and an Arches Brick Award.

‘Show Off is loveable in so many ways — chucklesome, charming and just plain silly… It’s self-absorbed, self-aggrandizing and a bit self-delusional, but in the process, it skewers every single sod that ever shared a selfie on their Twitter feed.’

Matt Trueman, Fest Mag

Treading the fine line between beige and gold.
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