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Festival 2016 Figs in Wigs (6 of 11) Cre

Figs in Wigs are a UK based female led performance company. For the last 10 years we have been making semi-epic, genre-bending performance that sits somewhere in between live art, music, theatre, comedy and dance. We make work collaboratively with a DIY approach - we write, direct, choreograph, compose and perform all of our creative output.


Our work is recklessly joyful, highly visual and unashamedly revels in tackiness and trashiness. With an irreverent sense of humour we use puns, bad jokes and pop culture references to charm and disarm audiences of all ages. 


‘Boisterously charismatic...practically radioactive’ The Observer ****

We make performance work for main house stages, studio spaces, festivals, clubs and cabaret spaces. 


We have received commissions from HOME Manchester, London School of Economics, Historic Royal Palaces, Selfridges to make bespoke performative projects ranging from full-length theatre shows, to participatory experiences to window displays. In 2019 we were commissioned to write, devise and perform Cambridge Junction’s main house family Christmas show.


“The cheap cocaine of performance art.”

Art Porn Blog


‘Colourful, irreverent and unashamedly daft. Thank God for Figs in Wigs.’



“Boisterously charismatic... radiates charm, fun and irony... practically radioactive.”

The Observer


“This is anti-theatre of the highest order: ante-theatre, even.”

Whats On Stage

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Treading the fine line between beige and gold.
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