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“A boisterous piss-take – of theatre, literary analysis and the canon... off-kilter blend of feminist performance art, stomach-ache comedy and futuristic dance”


“ It is one of the best beginning visuals of performance I’ve seen in a long time... spirals into the surreal and filmic, all the other meanings and themes fall away, leaving us only with feminism.”

Performance in Motion

"A cosmic, climate-change themed, batshit crazy version of Little Women (retitled Little Wimmin)... spiralling outwards into action with only the most tenuous of links to Alcott’s novel." Exuent



Little Wimmin

Our live art feminist adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's classic novel Little Women. Blurring the boundaries of live art, music, theatre, comedy and dance Little Wimmin will examine how we think about the past, what’s wrong with the present, and what we’re going to do about the future - if there even is one.


Prepare to laugh at the traditions of theatre and poke fun at people’s obsession with ‘the classics’ as we turn the novel on its head before dismantling it entirely and transforming it into an unrecognisable cosmic catastrophe that talks about climate change, astrology and the infinite nature of the universe. 

p.s Beth Dies. 

Treading the fine line between beige and gold.
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