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The end is nigh, but not that nigh.

Have we got time to make one more show?

We hope so. 

Big Finish is about endings. And beginnings. And middles. And endings.

What happens if the world ends? What happens if we end? Is there any way we can make our way through the mess of now to the future of tomorrow? Or is it better to hope for an apocalypse? Wipe the shit smeared slate clean and start again. 

Have we already hit the iceberg, or are we heading straight for it?

Is there anyone alive out there?


Tuck in your tailcoats because the ship’s setting sail and there’s rough seas ahead!

Born from a rational fear of the end of the world and the death of theatre, Big Finish is a collective scream into the void - with jokes. A mashup of theatre, dance, TED talk and string quintet (untrained), Big Finish is a collage of ideas about endings, rebirth and regeneration.


A show within a show, Big Finish parodies human nature’s desire to bury our heads in the sand in the face of real peril. It comments on the predicament theatre faces in the wake of funding cuts and losing audiences and practitioners to its more popular cultural cousin - the television. But, as always, the theatre becomes a microcosm for something bigger - an exploration of apocalypse itself. When it comes down to the wire will you try to stop the end from coming, or will you just go with the torrential flow?


Having made work together for 15 years, now more than ever it feels like the end of something is coming. But we don’t know how to do anything else. Big Finish explores resilience in the face of impending doom. Climate change, war, Tories - we don’t know how to fix any of these things - WE’RE JUST ARTISTS.

But what we do know is how to put on a goddamn show to entertain everyone as the world slowly dies.


Cheer up love! It will definitely happen.

BIG FINISH is at HOME Manchester 21st-24th February

and at Battersea Arts Centre 14th-27th March

Supported by Arts Council England, Another Route and ODAC. Commissioned by HOME, BAC, Cambridge Junction and Jerwood Arts.


Commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre, HOME Manchester, Cambridge Junction and Jerwood Arts. Supported by Arts Council England, Another Route, and ODAC.


Written, Directed & Performed by Figs in Wigs

Producer Jenny Pearce 

Production Manager Sorcha Stott-Strzala

Lighting Design Nao Nagai

Set Design Naomi Kuyck-Cohen

Sound Design Rosie Ridgeway

Photos Kate Bones

Trailer Emily Taylor

Choreography consultancy Beth Cassani

Classical Arrangement Alicia Jane Turner

Treading the fine line between beige and gold.
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