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Figs in Wigs is committed to protecting your personal information, being transparent about what data we hold and giving you control over how we use it.


The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to give you a clear explanation about how we use the information we collect from you for Astrology Bingo.

What is Astrology Bingo?

Astrology Bingo is a variety and cabaret night, created and hosted by Figs in Wigs. It exists in two forms; live in person and online via Zoom. The personal data required for each version is slightly different. In this privacy policy we will explain details which cover both live and online versions, as well as explaining details specific to one version. 

As part of the event, audience members play bingo with bespoke cards created from their own astrological birth chart. These bespoke birth charts are created using software designed in house by Figs in Wigs, which uses an Astrology API called Astrolib. Astrolib requires birth date, birth time and location and then returns birth chart data.  The software then creates a bingo card based on this data, and then runs a randomised bingo game using these birth chart bingo cards. 

What personal information do you need for Astrology Bingo?

When you buy a ticket for Astrology Bingo, you will be sent a Google Form which has been created by Figs in Wigs. This form will ask for the following personal information from you, for the following reasons:

  • Name - we need to know who the bingo card belongs to, so that we can get the birth chart bingo card to you.

  • Birth date, time and location - this information is required in order to create your astrological birth chart and therefore create your bingo card.

  • Address - for the digital version of the show, we post your bingo card to you so that you can have it in front of you when you play.

  • Email address - so that we can contact you if there are any issues, for example if you have entered incorrect information. For the digital version, we may also email you a PDF version of your birth chart, if you signed up close to the event meaning there is not enough time to post it. 

  • Mailing list consent - we will ask if you would like to be added to our mailing list to keep up to date with our work.

Where will my data be saved?

When you fill in your google form answers, this information will be saved on a password protected spreadsheet saved in Figs in Wigs’ Google Drive. Once the game has finished, we will anonymise this information by deleting any identifying data (Name, address, email address). This will leave us with a list of anonymous birth dates, which we will use for evaluation (so we can keep record of how many of each star signs have played Astrology Bingo!)  

When you are added to the Astrology Bingo software, your name, birth date, birth time and birth location and corresponding birth chart will be saved in a password protected Firebase database (managed by Google) which is locked specifically to the Astrology Bingo software. Once the game has finished this database will be deleted. 

If you consent to being added to our mailing list, we will add your email address to our Mailchimp Audience. This will be the only place where your email address will be stored. If you would like to opt out of being on our mailing list, you can unsubscribe through Mailchimp.


Contacting ticket bookers

If Figs in Wigs are managing the box office for the event, Figs in Wigs may contact the ticket holder to encourage their party members to fill out the Google Form. If a venue is managing the box office, they may contact you for the same reasons. This is so that we have all birth chart bingo cards prepared in advance of the night.

What if I don’t want my data used in this way?

If you don’t want to divulge personal information, we can arrange for you to play as a celebrity instead. Please let us know on and we can arrange for a celebrity’s birth chart bingo card to be available for your game. 

If you have any questions about the process of collecting data for Astrology Bingo, please feel free to get in touch with us on .

This policy was last updated Jan 2021.

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